Smart ways to reduce your energy bills this winter

With prices set to rise further, here are 5 ways to reduce energy bills According to Ofgem’s calculation, the energy price cap on non-fixed tariffs rose by 54% […]

Wondering how to install an outdoor plug?

Expert advice on installing outdoor electrical sockets in your garden As trusted electricians operating in Edinburgh, we are often asked to install electrics for garden sheds or offices. […]

Does Your Business Need Electrical Repairs?

Out of sight out of mind is probably the most typical adage we could use when we start discussing the electrical systems in domestic and commercial premises. Hidden […]

Hiring a Reputable Electrician or Plumber

It’s a sad fact of life that even today, cowboy builders and unqualified traders are still causing misery for many unsuspecting homeowners and businesses up and down the […]

Avoiding The Dangers Of DIY With Qualified Professionals

At P Blackhall, we understand the temptations of just getting something done yourself. If you think you know how to do something around the house, why wouldn’t you […]

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