Reasons to service your boiler every year

A boiler service is one of the best ways to save money on energy bills As leading plumbing and heating specialists in Edinburgh, one of our most frequently […]

Smart ways to reduce your energy bills this winter

With prices set to rise further, here are 5 ways to reduce energy bills According to Ofgem’s calculation, the energy price cap on non-fixed tariffs rose by 54% […]

What is the most efficient heating system for the home?

As expert heating engineers in Edinburgh, we are often asked: what is the most efficient heating system for the home? In this blog, we’ll discuss the most popular […]

We are supporting Gas Safety Week 2019

It is the duty of every homeowner, landlord and employer to ensure that all gas appliances within their properties are well maintained, meeting the required standard. Yet, terrifying […]

Why Boiler Repairs In The Summer

The time is now: why obtain boiler maintenance and repairs during the summer? Boiler Repairs In Summer Many homeowners only begin to think about residential boiler maintenance once […]

Common Heating And Plumbing Issues During Winter

Tips to solve common plumbing and heating issues before winter arrives Although many of us are welcoming a respite from the summer heat, winter brings its own unique […]

What are the Benefits of Having a New Boiler System Installed?

We are exploring the benefits of having a new boiler system installed As the cold months of winter are soon to be upon us, it pays to think […]

New Home Central Heating Checks

What Central Heating Checks Should You Carry Out Before Buying A House? There can be nothing more depressing than moving into your dream home, only to have the […]

How to Keep Your Boiler Healthy/Working Efficiently

By now, thousands of homeowners up and down the UK have already had to make emergency calls to Gas Safe companies like ourselves, to get their home heating […]

9 Reasons Why Your Boiler is Not Firing Up for Central Heating and Hot Water

It usually happens first thing in the morning. A blood-curdling scream from the bathroom tells you somebody’s turned on the shower and found out the hot water – […]

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