Electrical Safety Certificates: The Duty Of The Landlord


Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, it is important to be informed about the legislation surrounding electrical safety certification. Since 1st July 2020, electrical safety certificates for landlords are now mandatory, with every new tenancy requiring a valid electrical safety certificate in place before keys can be handed over. Throughout the tenancy, it is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure that all electric outlets, including sockets, wiring and lighting, are all maintained for safety and usability. Whether they have a property manager or manage the property themselves, it is the responsibility of all landlords to ensure an electrical safety certificate, or Electrical Installation Condition Report, is completed and obtained prior to the commencement of any tenancy.

What is an electrical safety certificate and how do you obtain one?

Electrical safety certificates for landlords and tenants is a document that confirms all electric outlets, circuits and electric appliances in the property have been checked and tested for safety. Should an appliance or circuit fail, this repair will need to be made prior to a tenancy commencing, to ensure the property is safe and that there is a valid electrical safety certificate in place. To obtain one, it is essential to use only a qualified electrician, such as the specialists at P Blackhall Ltd, in order to undertake these checks. Once all checks have been completed and deemed satisfactory, the electrical safety certificate can be issued. Not using a qualified electrician could invalidate the certificate, and worse, put tenants and the property at risk of a potential electrical hazard or fire.

What if a tenant stays in a property for a prolonged period?

The electrical safety certificate is mandatory for the start of all new tenancies and must be updated every 5 years. If there is an existing tenancy in place during the time the certificate expires, all electrical outlets, sockets, wiring and appliances will need to be re-checked and the electrical safety certificates for landlords reissued. Every time an electrical check is carried out, it should always be done by a qualified and expert electrician, such as P Blackhall Ltd, even if there has previously been an electrical safety certificate in place.

Who can carry out the safety check?

It is paramount that the electrical safety check and certificate is only carried out and issued by a fully qualified electrician. Sometimes it can be hard to confirm the level of expertise and validity of any electrician’s experience. A quick and easy way to do this is to find out whether or not they are a part of the competent person scheme. For further reassurance, any electrician should also be able to prove their qualifications and provide evidence of insurance cover too. They should also be happy to sign any checklists required to confirm their knowledge and experience.

An electrical safety test and the subsequent certificate should only be carried out by a qualified electrician, so please feel free to contact our team here at P Blackhall Ltd for further information on their expert and specialist team of electricians.

What happens if you ignore this legislation?

For landlords, failure to have an up to date electrical safety certificate for all tenanted properties can have serious legal consequences, including prosecution. It could also lead to invalidation of any insurance policies associated with the property, which could prove very costly should something go wrong. Skipping safety checks is simply not worth the risk, so whether you are a commercial or residential landlord, it is essential to always have a valid electrical safety certificate in place and renewed every 5 years. If you are a tenant, your landlord should always be able to provide you with an electrical safety certificate at the start of your tenancy and give copies of any further certificates should the tenancy run to 5 years and beyond.

For further information or to book your visit from one of our expert team of electricians, contact P Blackhall Ltd today and we will gladly answer any further questions you may have. We will also be able to guide you as to what is required for electrical safety certificates for landlords to ensure all checks, repairs and installations are carried out correctly and safely to protect your tenants and your property.

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