What Are Induction Hobs?

Induction hobs are nothing quite like any other hob on the market. An efficient choice, they make the cooking process much faster than you would find with more traditional options. When turning on an induction hob, a magnetic field is activated underneath. Upon placing a pan onto the hob, the circuit is completed and the base of the pan will be heated. This is very different to any alternative, where the hob usually heats the ring, which then, in turn, heats the pan and therefore the food. By removing this step entirely, the process becomes much quicker.

induction hob installation

Why Choose To Have An Induction Hob Installed?

There are many advantages to choosing an induction hob over any other. Not only are they much quicker than traditional methods, as mentioned above, but those who choose to have an induction hob installed will also reap their many other benefits, which include:

  • Energy Efficiency
    With traditional gas hobs or even electric rings, there can be a lot of wasted energy. They not only heat the ring but everything around it, and they can take a long time to cool down.
  • Responsiveness
    Since induction hobs heat the pan directly, they heat up and cool down almost immediately. This level of precision and responsiveness is just one of the many things which makes these hobs so increasingly popular amongst many.
  • Ease Of Use
    These induction hobs are incredibly easy to use, you can simply select the level of power that you require with just the simplest touch of a button.
  • Cleanliness
    The flat surface induction hobs feature makes life so much easier, as a simple wipe is all that is required to ensure the hob remains clean and clear. The quick cool down ensures you don’t need to wait a long time for it to be ready to clean too, saving you more time in the long run.

Why Is Professional Installation Key?

If you have decided to go ahead with purchasing an induction hob as a part of your kitchen renovation, it’s important that you pass the job onto a professional. If you are upgrading an older home, you may have an old wiring system which requires updating to complete this task. Even in a more modern home, the wiring required to install these induction hobs can be complex. For anyone other than a qualified electrician, this is a dangerous activity which should not be attempted.

Here at P Blackhall Ltd, our accredited team are all highly experienced and fully qualified. Over the years we have worked in hundreds of homes, we understand how each differs and take great care to provide each of our clients with a professional installation. We work around your needs and will minimise any potential disruption within your home, leaving a clean and tidy finish behind us.

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