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Here at P Blackhall we are proud to offer induction hob installation services to customers throughout Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

induction hob installation

What Is An Induction Hob?

When an induction hob is switched on, a magnetic field is activated underneath the surface. Upon placing a pan onto the hob, the circuit is completed and the base of the pan will be heated. This is very different to any alternative, where the hob usually heats a ring which, in turn, heats the pan containing the food. By removing this step entirely, the induction process becomes much quicker.

Opting to replace a gas hob with induction is an efficient choice. Rapidly heating up, induction makes the cooking process quicker than with more traditional electric options.

Why Choose Induction Hob Installation?

There are many advantages to choosing an induction hob over any other option. In addition to being much quicker than traditional hobs, induction offers a number of other benefits, including:

  • Energy Efficiency With traditional gas hob installation or electric rings, there can be a lot of wasted energy. They not only heat the ring but everything around it, and they can take a long time to cool down.
  • Responsiveness Since an induction hob heats the pan directly, it heats up and cools down almost immediately. This level of precision and responsiveness is what makes induction hob installation so popular.
  • Ease Of Use It is easy to use an induction hob. You can select the level of power with the touch of a button.
  • Cleanliness The flat surface of an induction hob cools down quickly which makes it so much easier to clean. A simple wipe is all that is required to ensure the hob remains clean.

Wondering how to replace an induction hob?

Induction hob installation can be complex. If you decide to upgrade your kitchen with an induction hob, you should pass the job onto a qualified professional. Older homes may have wiring which requires updating to complete this task safely. Even in modern homes, it is necessary to check that the wiring is suitable for safe induction hob installation. The job requires a qualified electrician, as this is a potentially dangerous activity.

Here at P Blackhall, our experienced team are all fully qualified. Having worked in hundreds of homes, we understand how each differs and we take great care to provide our clients with a professional installation. We work around your needs and will minimise any potential disruption within your home. Following your induction hob installation, we leave a clean and tidy finish behind.

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