It is vitally important that you regularly service your boiler to ensure the safety of yourself, family and home. At P Blackhall Ltd, all of our engineers are fully qualified to carry out boiler servicing in Edinburgh, ensuring both safety and efficiency to your home. We are passionate about delivering a high quality service, with the aim of making sure your boiler lasts as long as possible whilst still working to its full potential. Why wait for problems to arise and be left without heating and hot water when you can act now by ensuring that your boiler is serviced regularly and problems are detected sooner rather than later?

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What Is Involved In A Boiler Service?

Our boiler servicing in Edinburgh will include the following: A gas safe engineer will conduct a number of tests on your boiler to make sure it is running in a manner that is both safe and efficient.This includes checking for traces of carbon monoxide as this is one of the main hazards that can arise from boilers. The engineer will also recommend any maintenance work that should be done, if this is necessary, due to wear and tear or broken parts, etc. A visual check of the boiler and if possible the flame will be conducted, the engineer will check the flue, both internally and externally as well as the operating pressure and heat input, and all safety devices will be checked. Our engineer will then ensure that all of the case seals are still providing an effective seal. The boiler casing should then be removed to check all of the main boiler components and if necessary the boiler parts will also be cleaned. Finally, the boiler should be fired up so that the engineer can identify any working faults with the boiler, if there are any. Effectively, servicing your boiler regularly is the best preventative measure, to keep on top of wear and tear and any breakages. A good boiler service should last a minimum of 30 minutes when done properly and thoroughly. At the end of the service, you should be issued with a written report detailing the condition of your boiler. Our boiler servicing in Edinburgh will provide engineers who will meticulously check your boiler with each annual service.

Who Can Service My Boiler

It is important to make sure that the engineer you choose is qualified to carry out boiler checks on your type of boiler. If they are not fully qualified to service your boiler, this may then lead to further complications and your boiler may no longer be safe.As well as checking if your engineer is qualified, it is also vital to note that they have to be qualified to conduct services on the type of boiler you own. If you have a gas boiler, the engineer has to be authorised and regulated by the Gas Safe Register and if you have an oil boiler, then you should only have your boiler serviced by an OFTEC engineer. You can check whether your engineer is qualified by asking to check their ID card before they start work on your boiler. With our boiler service in Edinburgh, you are sure to have an engineer who is qualified to carry out a service on your boiler.

If you would like more information, contact us at 0131 357 3861. Our expert gas engineers will be happy to provide any information you need on our boiler service in Edinburgh or any of our other services. We look forward to hearing from you.


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