Reasons to service your boiler every year

A boiler service is one of the best ways to save money on energy bills

As leading plumbing and heating specialists in Edinburgh, one of our most frequently asked questions is: do I need to service my boiler every year?

There are numerous benefits and reasons to service your boiler – read on to find out more…

Looking for ways to save money on energy bills?

With so much in the media about energy price hikes, one of the best reasons to service your boiler is that it could save you a considerable amount of money.

Servicing your boiler can increase its efficiency which, in turn, will reduce your energy bills. As it gets older, your boiler inevitably becomes less efficient.

According to British Gas, the efficiency of an older boiler can be as low as 60%. This means that a shocking 40% of the energy you pay for is going to waste rather than heating your home.

Investing a relatively small amount in routine boiler servicing can help to reduce deterioration. If your boiler stays in good working condition for longer, then you will keep your energy costs lower and can even extend your boiler’s life expectancy.

As well as being one of the easiest ways to save money on energy bills, there are other benefits attached to getting your boiler serviced.

4 more reasons to service your boiler every year

1. Maintain safety

Carbon monoxide is generated as a by-product of your boiler. Ordinarily, when everything is working correctly, carbon monoxide should be channelled out of your home. If your boiler is faulty, carbon monoxide can seep into your home and cause potentially fatal poisoning.

There is nothing more important than keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. Regular boiler maintenance can reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in your home.

Boiler servicing checks for existing leaks and seeks to prevent future leaks. We also recommend that our customers have the added peace of mind of a high-quality carbon monoxide detector in their home.

2. Identify problems early

Another of the main reasons to service your boiler is that a heating engineer has the opportunity to spot performance issues early and address them.

Taking early action is likely to save you money, as an interim repair is usually less costly than a major repair or having to replace your boiler completely.

3. Avoid inconvenience and emergency call out fees

If it isn’t well maintained or regularly checked, there’s a higher chance that your boiler will develop a problem that you’ll only detect once it gets to be more serious.

If this is the case – and suddenly you have the inconvenience and discomfort of no heating or hot water – it will be necessary to contact an emergency heating engineer for unscheduled repairs.

4. Protect your warranty

With some manufacturers, you may need to have your boiler serviced on a yearly basis in order to protect the validity of its warranty. The reason for this is that manufacturers are aware of just how vital regular servicing is, for the ongoing health of your boiler.

Regular maintenance and care will help to prevent your boiler from breaking down. For this reason, many manufacturers will not agree to cover repairs or replacements, if a boiler has not been annually serviced.

Although we offer a reliable emergency call out service for urgent heating repairs, we still urge our customers to undergo regular boiler servicing.

Do I need to service my boiler every year?

If you are not a landlord and you don’t need to protect a warranty, there are still many other reasons to service your boiler annually. Purely with safety in mind, we recommend that everyone has a yearly boiler service.

Annual boiler servicing is something that can be overlooked if everything seems to be working OK. Some people think that a boiler service isn’t a necessity. For many of our domestic customers, the months pass and they simply forget to book their next service.

Whatever the reason, with the colder months approaching, we are all bracing for higher energy prices. It makes sense to get in touch with our team to ensure the most efficient performance from your boiler and heating system.

What should a boiler service include?

Conducted by one of our experienced Gas Safe engineers, our boiler servicing includes:

  • testing your boiler to make sure it is running safely and efficiently
  • checking for traces of carbon monoxide – one of the main hazards
  • recommendations for further maintenance work, if required
  • a visual check of the boiler and flue, both internally and externally
  • checking the operating pressure and heat input
  • safety devices will be checked
  • ensuring case seals are effective
  • checking main boiler components are working and if necessary cleaning them

After the tests are conducted, the boiler will be fired up to identify any working faults. At the very end of the appointment, our engineer will issue a written report to give details of your boiler’s condition.

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Save money on heating bills with our expert boiler service and repairs

Here at P Blackhall, we’re proud to offer repairs and routine maintenance including Worcester Bosch boiler servicing. Not only are we Gas Safe registered but we’re also Which? Trusted Traders so you can truly rely on our engineers for a high-quality service.

To book your annual boiler service, call us today on 0131 378 6168. Alternatively, click to send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you.

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