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Electrical fault finding in Edinburgh

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Our expert electrical fault finding service

Here at P Blackhall Ltd, we are proud to offer domestic and commercial electrical fault finding in Edinburgh.

Failure to fix an electrical fault is not only inconvenient but it can result in injury, damage to the building, or even death.

Our electrical fault finding service covers both residential and commercial premises and ensures a safe resolution.

Keeping you safe

Since 1913, our team of highly qualified electricians have been sharing the benefit of their expertise with landlords and property owners throughout Edinburgh. Our reliable electrical fault finding service will pinpoint the issue and enable us to make the necessary repairs or adjustments to restore safety and function to your property.

Specialist electricians in Edinburgh

In addition to offering an electrical fault finding service, our highly qualified contractors also provide the following:

Electrical installation

Fuse board upgrades

Electrical rewiring

Electrical testing – EICR and PAT tests

Smoke and heat detection alarms

Induction hob installation

Electrical fault finding FAQs

There are certain signs that your electrical circuit has developed a fault, these can include:

  • Frequent power surges
  • Fuse box tripping
  • Switches not working
  • Mild electric shocks
  • Flickering light bulbs
  • Light bulbs blowing out quickly
  • Higher than expected electricity bill for normal usage
  • Buzzing electrical socketsBu
  • rning smell of hot plastic
  • Exposed or defective wires

If you are concerned that you have noticed any of the above issues then call us today for a free survey.

Common problems can arise due to tripped circuits or blown fuses. Some electrical faults may be fixed right away, however, some complex issues may require more time and attention to identify.

Our skilled electricians will conduct an initial inspection of all fittings and fixtures. We will look for any loose connections and signs of dampness or burning. After this check, a full inspection will be carried out which will be much more detailed.

You can rely on our experienced electricians to get to the root of the electrical fault and fix the issue as quickly as possible.

At best, electrical faults can be inconvenient but at the worst they can be fatal.

If you suspect you have a faulty electrical circuit then it is vital that you appoint a qualified electrician. Fault finding in electrical circuits can be a complex process and our competent contractors will significantly reduce the chances of worsening the issue or only partially fixing it.

When you appoint us, you will have complete peace of mind that the issue will be resolved safely and efficiently.

Looking for electrical fault finding in Edinburgh?

If you are concerned about faulty wiring in your residential or commercial property then call us today on 0131 444 2200. Alternatively, please send us your enquiry via our contact page.

Some of our other electrical services

Fuse board upgrades

EICR testing

Induction hob installation

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