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Fuse board replacement and upgrade services

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Electric fuse board replacement and upgrade services

Here at P Blackhall Ltd, we are proud to offer fuse board replacement and upgrades in Edinburgh.

Outdated electrical circuits with inadequate fuse boards have the potential to cause a fire or even give a fatal electric shock. Upgrading your fuse board will ensure that your wiring includes features that are designed to protect you and your property.

Residential or commercial service

If your residential or commercial property requires an electrical update then we can provide a reliable fuse board upgrade service. Our team of highly qualified electrical contractors have a wealth of experience and are ready to help, with tailored advice and guidance on your fuse board.

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Electrical fuse board upgrade – FAQs

If you live in an older building in Edinburgh, or you have dated electrical wiring in your commercial premises, it’s likely to be time for a fuse board upgrade.

Investing in fuse board replacement will not only ensure that you are compliant with current safety regulations, it will also minimise the chance of major electrical faults.

There are a number of reasons why a fuse board upgrade may be beneficial to you.

A faulty or outdated fuse board could make your home or business premises unsafe. Upgrading your fuse board or fuse box could ensure that it has the capacity to meet your electrical needs and that its wiring is in line with today’s health and safety standards.

Our fuse board replacement and upgrade service will significantly improve the safety of your home or business and provide you with valuable peace of mind.

It is vitally important, when dealing with electrics, that you enlist the services of qualified industry professionals.

If done incorrectly, fuse board replacements can be extremely hazardous, which is why it is necessary to appoint a competent electrical contractor.

Our team of expert electricians are highly experienced in fuse board replacement and upgrades. We will be able to either upgrade your current fuse box or simply replace it with a new one, to provide you with a safer electrical infrastructure. Our expert team will be able to advise you on the best option for you and will always ensure that safety is placed at the forefront of our work.

Call in the experts in fuse board replacements in Edinburgh

If you are concerned that your fuse board or fuse box may need to be upgraded or replaced, call us today on 0131 444 2200. We will arrange a free survey at your property so that we can provide a tailored solution for you.

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