Looking for a specialist induction hob installation in Edinburgh?

Induction hob installation in Edinburgh

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Specialist induction hob installation

Here at P Blackhall Ltd, we are pleased to offer induction hob installation in Edinburgh.

Induction hobs offer many advantages over conventional cookers, including:

  • Cooking food faster
  • Being responsive and more energy efficient
  • Allowing more precision with regard to temperatures
  • Being easier to keep clean
  • Being safer due to rapid cool-down

Fully qualified team

Our team of qualified electricians can provide reliable induction hob installation services at properties throughout Edinburgh.

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Induction Hob Installation FAQs

When an induction hob is switched on, a magnetic field is activated underneath the surface. When a pan is placed onto the hob, the circuit is completed and the base of the pan will be heated.

This is different to any alternative, where the hob usually heats a ring which, in turn, heats the pan containing the food. By removing this step entirely, the induction process becomes much quicker.

An induction hob is an efficient choice. Rapidly heating up, induction makes the cooking process quicker than with more traditional electric options.

There are many considerations to make, when installing a new induction hob. A professional electrician will consider the ‘Hot Zone’, placement of electrical sockets/switches, hoods and other flammable items.

It is also important that your current electrical connection (plug socket or switch) matches the requirements of your new hob. If your new hob is over 3kw, then you’ll need a 16Amp or 32Amp fuse. If your new hob is below 3kw, then you’ll only need a standard 12Amp fuse regular plug socket.

A further consideration is that you might be disconnecting a gas hob – this requires a Gas Safe registered specialist.

If you decide to upgrade your kitchen with an induction hob installation, it’s important that you pass the job onto a professional. Older homes may have dated wiring which requires upgrading to complete this task safely. In modern homes, the wiring required to install an induction hob can also be complex. The job requires a qualified electrician, as this is a potentially dangerous activity.

Our experienced team are all fully qualified and take great care to provide our clients with a professional installation. We work around your schedule to minimise any disruption in your home. Following your induction hob installation, we will leave a clean and tidy finish behind.

Looking for  Induction Hob Installation?

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