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With so much instability in electricity and power markets, managing energy has become an impossible task. Energy companies are trying to combat this with dynamic tariffs. Now there is an increased demand for home backup systems.

EESS battery installation

Also known as an ‘electrical energy storage system’, using a battery helps you to reduce your reliance on ‘the grid’. This will protect you from future energy price hikes, as you’ll be using stored electricity generated by your solar panels or purchased at a cheaper rate and stored for use during peak times.

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EESS battery storage FAQs

An EESS battery store will take your home’s solar technology to the next level. A battery allows you to store the power, conveniently ready for use when the demand is at its most, e.g. after dark, when your family or household is home and using a variety of electrical appliances.

An EESS battery will further reduce your carbon footprint, again, as a result of using more renewable energy and less from the grid.

No, it isn’t vital that you have a solar battery but if you already have solar panels installed, or we are installing them for you soon, we highly recommend that battery storage is considered.

Yes – absolutely. If you already have solar PV panels then we can incorporate a solar battery into your existing system. The type of system and inverter will determine what type of battery you can have and how complex the installation will be.

Our solar energy experts can install battery storage to maximise the capability and convenience of your solar PV system.

We are fully MCS accredited and all of our work is carried out to the highest standard.

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