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The use of electric cars, once a minority market, is gaining serious traction. Electric vehicles are rapidly replacing their carbon-emitting competitors as the vehicle of choice for many consumers.

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Here at P Blackhall Ltd, we are proud to be leading providers of electric vehicle charging services in Edinburgh and the surrounding area, including:

  • EV charging point installation
  • EV charging point maintenance and testing
  • EV charger repair service

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We provide electric vehicle charging station installation for residential and commercial customers. To enquire about our EV charger services, please call us today on 0131 444 2200.

EV charger installation FAQs

The race to go green means that the UK is rapidly installing EV charging points to keep up with the rising demand.

Whether you own an electric vehicle already, or you’re thinking about making the switch, an EV charging point is an important consideration.

As well as offering EV charger installation in Edinburgh we also provide a variety of renewable energy solutions.

There are many advantages to residential EV charger installation – it is:

  • Easy and quick – charging at home is much more convenient than using a public charging point – simply connect your car overnight or whenever it’s not in use
  • Cost-effective – a specific charge point at home will use less electricity than a standard socket
  • Efficient – dedicated charge points have an increased power supply, significantly reducing your charge time and so reducing the cost

Ready to go electric? If you’re interested in EV charger installation in Edinburgh, please call us on 0131 444 2200 for more information.

Why not modernise your commercial premises, by installing EV charging stations? EV charging points are convenient for your staff and clients and they are also a practical way to ensure that your business is environmentally friendly.

EV Charging point maintenance, repairs and replacements

As a relatively new technology, EV charging points require specialised repair and maintenance. As with any essential and frequently used installation, wear and tear may appear over time and small repairs and adjustments may be necessary.

As well as installing charging points for electric cars, we also offer maintenance and repair services. Should you find that your EV charging point is in need of maintenance or repairs, please get in touch and we’ll arrange a home visit.

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We offer expert EV charging point maintenance, repair and installation. To request a quote, call us today on
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