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Solar thermal systems installation and repairs

Here at P Blackhall, we are proud to offer a range of solar thermal hot water systems to customers throughout Edinburgh.

Conventional water heaters can be one of the most energy-consuming appliances in the home, but what’s the alternative?

Solar thermal hot water systems offer a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution to traditional water heaters. With constant advances in solar thermal technology, modern day solar hot water systems are extremely efficient.

Our solar thermal services include:

  • Solar thermal installation
  • Solar thermal repairs
  • Solar thermal maintenance

Looking for solar thermal installation?

Our solar thermal experts can provide advice or a quote to install this efficient renewable technology in your home. Call us today on 0131 444 2200 to find out more.

Why choose us for solar thermal system installation in Edinburgh?

Our team of qualified engineers will work efficiently to install your solar thermal system. We can also offer helpful guidance when deciding on your system. Once we have installed your system, we also offer solar thermal repairs and routine maintenance checks.

We are MCS accredited approved installers (No. MCS1109). The Microgeneration Certification Scheme guarantees certain standards of quality for renewable electricity technologies. All of our staff are fully licensed, certified and qualified to carry out the tasks at hand and we are proud of our excellent reputation.

Solar thermal systems FAQs

A solar thermal system offers two important benefits when compared to a traditional heating system. Firstly, an important saving in energy, as the energy harnessed from the sun is free of charge. Secondly, a reduction in the environment-damaging carbon emissions generated by energy produced by fossil fuels.

There are many advantages of solar thermal energy, namely:

  • It is renewable and does not deplete our limited natural resources
  • Using solar energy is better for the environment, as doesn’t release harmful greenhouse gases or other pollutants
  • You reduce your energy bills considerably
  • Solar thermal maintenance is usually minimal
  • Solar thermal systems usually have a long life span and are fairly durable

If you’d like to discuss solar thermal installation, give us a call today to find out how our team of licensed, qualified engineers can help.

As mentioned, there are many benefits of solar thermal energy. However, when choosing solar panels for home use, your options might seem daunting.

Considerations include: the climate/weather, the location and size of your home, the roof structure, your household’s energy requirements and your budget.

As experts in solar thermal installation, we can provide you with advice and guidance on choosing the right system for your home and lifestyle.

Wondering whether solar thermal systems need to be serviced? Solar thermal systems are a sturdy and cost-effective water heating solution. While they are fairly low maintenance, it is advisable to have your solar thermal system inspected regularly.

So why do solar thermal systems need to be serviced? Regular solar thermal maintenance checks will ensure that every part is in perfect working order and minor repairs can be carried out. Solar thermal systems are typically located on the roof of buildings, and this can make them somewhat susceptible to damage in the event of adverse weather conditions.

We recommend that you follow the system manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and service to ensure everything is operating safely and efficiently.

If you would like to book a routine solar thermal maintenance inspection, or you are in need of solar thermal repairs, contact us on 0131 444 2200

  • Visual inspection: checking for signs of damage, wear and tear, from leaks to cracks in the piping or tank
    – At least once a year
  • Cleaning: removing any accumulated dirt or debris from the collectors will maintain the system’s performance.
    – At least once a year
  • System flush: removing any sediment or deposits will support the system’s efficiency.
    – Once a year or according to manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Pump and control checks: System pumps and controls should be to ensure that they are functioning correctly
    – Once a year or according to manufacturer’s guidelines and system performance
  • Replacement of parts: some types of system require certain components – such as valves and sensors – to be replaced periodically
    – Once a year or according to manufacturer’s guidelines and system performance

Contact our trusted solar thermal system engineers

If you’re interested in solar panel installation, we’re here to help. Call us today on 0131 444 2200 and we will arrange for one of our solar thermal engineers to assist you.

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