Smart ways to reduce your energy bills this winter

With prices set to rise further, here are 5 ways to reduce energy bills

According to Ofgem’s calculation, the energy price cap on non-fixed tariffs rose by 54% for a typical user on 1st April 2022.

As wholesale gas prices continue to rise, recent forecasts predict that average annual energy bills could hit £4,200* in the early part of 2023. This will push half of all UK homeowners into fuel poverty.

As a leading plumbing, heating, and electrical contractor in Edinburgh, we have advice on making changes that could help. Read on, for 5 smart ways to reduce your energy bills this winter and beyond…

All About an Enhanced Sense of Efficiency

While older boilers may have represented the proverbial “workhorses” of previous decades, the majority are now out of date. This essentially equates to poor levels of efficiency. Newer models will boast an “A” rating; signifying that they are more than 90 per cent efficient. This brings us to the next main point.

  1. How to reduce your energy bills with a new boiler
  2. Heating is responsible for more than half of a household’s annual energy bill. It makes good sense to replace an old, less effective gas boiler with an energy-efficient alternative.
    The installation of a new heating system can cost a couple of thousand pounds but it is a sound investment if you can afford it.
    Traditional gas boilers won’t be around forever, so if you’re looking to the future, consider renewable heating systems such as air source heat pumps.
    It’s worth finding out whether you are entitled to any financial incentives for upgrading an old gas boiler to a low-carbon heating alternative – this can depend on where you live in the UK.
    Alternatively, we can service your boiler – a great way to check that it is safe and working at its most efficient.Reduce your energy bills by choosing efficient appliances
  3. If you need to replace a household appliance, you can reduce your electricity bills by choosing the most energy-efficient model.

    According to research by the consumer champion Which?, swapping standard kitchen appliances – from fridge-freezers to ovens – for energy-saving models could save up to £425 a year.

    Check out their helpful guides, including a round-up of the most energy efficient fridge-freezers, to help you choose the household appliances with the lowest energy consumption.How to reduce your energy bills with smart tech

A smart thermostat will give you remote control over your heating system. Linked to your phone, it improves efficiency which will boost your energy saving potential. When paired with a smart thermostatic radiator system, you can control which zones or rooms within your home are heated. If you opt for a sophisticated Google Nest system, it can even learn your routine and adjust your settings according to the weather forecast.

Smart heating controls should let you:

  • set your heating and hot water to turn on and off, as required
  • heat specified zones within your home
  • set different temperatures for certain rooms
  • keep your home at a comfortable temperature, without wasting heat

As a Nest Pro, we are proud to be approved retailers and installers of the Nest Learning Thermostat – contact us to find out more.

  1. Top up the insulation in your home
  2. Insulating your loft and cavity walls can save, on average, up to £290 a year. It is recommended that loft insulation is increased to a thickness of 270mm, for the maximum reduction of heat loss. Following the same lines, draught-proofing doors, windows, chimneys, letterboxes and loft hatches is also a really sensible way to limit unwanted heat loss.How solar panels can reduce energy bills

There are many benefits to harnessing solar energy to power your home. Solar-powered systems can greatly reduce household bills by utilising readily available renewable energy, instead of relying on gas or electricity. We are also advocates for clean solar energy because it minimises household carbon emissions.
We are pleased to offer a range of solar power services, from installing solar thermal or solar PV systems to maintenance and repairs.
Visit our solar power page, for more details on how we can help you benefit from renewable energy in your home.

Why choose P Blackhall?

If you’re struggling with how to reduce your energy bills, we can provide tailored suggestions that have the potential to save you hundreds of pounds.

Our skilful team can help to make your home more energy-efficient to drastically cut the amount of gas and electricity you consume.

Not only will you save electricity and gas but another strong benefit is that you will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Experts on energy-efficient heating solutions

Here at P Blackhall, we share your concerns about the energy price increases and we’re here to help.

Whether you want to switch your gas boiler for a more efficient alternative or you want a smart Nest thermostat, you can rely on us for smart ways to reduce energy bills.

We are proud to have earned a reputation as trusted heating, plumbing and electrical engineers throughout Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. To discuss any of our services or request a quote, call our team today, on 0131 334 8250. We look forward to helping you.

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