Solar Thermal Installation in Edinburgh

Traditional water heaters are one of the most energy consuming appliances in a lot of homes, yet this needn’t be the case. Solar thermal heaters have long been on the market to offer a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to traditional water heaters, and constant advances in solar thermal technology mean that modern day solar heating systems are extremely efficient.

P Blackhall are experts in solar systems installations, including solar thermal heating installations. Our team of experts can assure you a seamless installation process and expert guidance as well as providing a highly responsive maintenance and repair service. Solar thermal energy systems offer two important benefits when compared to traditional systems: an important saving in energy as the energy harnessed from the sun is free of charge, and a reduction in the damaging emissions produced by the consumption of energy based on fossil fuels.

If you would like to know more about P Blackhall’s solar thermal installation services in Edinburgh and all of the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to get in touch. P Blackhall offer a range of solar electric products as well as repairs and maintenance. Call 0131 378 61 68 for more information today.

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Solar Thermal Systems Maintenance & Repairs

Solar thermal systems are a sturdy and cost effective water heating solution that do not generally require a great deal of maintenance, however it is advisable to have your solar thermal heating system inspected regularly to make sure that every part is in perfect working order and to carry out any minor repairs. Solar thermal systems are typically located on the roof of buildings, and this can make them somewhat susceptible to damage in the event of adverse weather conditions. JP Blackhall offers a full solar thermal installation maintenance service as well as solar thermal repairs.

If you would like to book a routine solar thermal maintenance inspection or you are in need of solar thermal repairs, contact us on 0131 378 61 68 for information and assistance.


SAVE MONEY!, go solar!

  • Proven Technology.
  • Suitable for any roof type - flat or sloping.
  • Big savings on your energy bills.
  • Major benefits for the environment.
  • MCS Accredited Company - Qualify for RHI Grants and FIT's tariffs.
  • Only 5% VAT when fitted by an accredited installer.
  • Up to 5 year guarantee on panels (providing installation has been carried out by an accredited installer).
  • Very low maintenance.
  • The perfect compliment to your gas oil central heating boiler - and / or existing mains electricity.
  • Planning permission for solar panels has been eased significantly.
  • Solar Thermal System Diagram.
  • MCS Accredited Approved Installer No MCS1109.
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Solar Thermal Installations In Edinburgh

If you are interested in a solar thermal installation in or around Edinburgh, get in touch with P Blackhall. We can arrange for an experienced member of our team to visit your property and assess the installation requirements and benefits for your unique case. Please call us on 0131 378 6168 for more information.



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