What are the Benefits of Having a New Boiler System Installed?

We are exploring the benefits of having a new boiler system installed

As the cold months of winter are soon to be upon us, it pays to think ahead in terms of plumbing and heating. One of the best ways to increase the comfort of your home while saving a substantial amount of money involves the installation of a new boiler system. When we take into account the fact that up to 60 per cent of your annual energy bill is attributed to a boiler, it becomes clear that an upgrade could represent an excellent choice. Let’s take a look at some of the numerous benefits associated with having new boilers fitted.

All About an Enhanced Sense of Efficiency

While older boilers may have represented the proverbial “workhorses” of previous decades, the majority are now out of date. This essentially equates to poor levels of efficiency. Newer models will boast an “A” rating; signifying that they are more than 90 per cent efficient. This brings us to the next main point.

The Role of an Energy Performance Certificate

Otherwise known as an EPC, this type of certificate is intended to provide you with a “snapshot” of the energy efficiency of a property. Employing a ratings system from an “A” to a “G”, most new boilers are equipped with an “A” rating. Older models which function at or below 70 per cent are given a “G” score. This is why an upgrade is a great idea.

Enhanced Heating Control

Why be forced to heat a room that is unoccupied? Who would ever want a boiler to remain at peak heating levels during the overnight hours? These are two of the situations which can be addressed by installing a new boiler system. Modern units are equipped with user-friendly thermostats that provide superior levels of control and accuracy. Often splitting to home into different zones, it is now possible to adjust the system as may be required during different times throughout the year. The same certainly cannot be said if you are still dealing with an older model which is tied to a single thermostat.

Maximising the Amount of Existing Space

The use of lightweight and cutting-edge materials during the construction of a boiler signifies that it will require only a minimal amount of space within your home. If you have a smaller basement or should the current model prevent you from leveraging storage space, it is wise to think about an upgrade. This is particularly the case if you happen to own an apartment or the existing boiler is simply too unwieldy for a closet or cupboard.

Barely Noticeable

Modern boiler systems are extremely quiet and they will often function without the homeowner being aware that they are activated. This is partially due to the use of more efficient materials as well as the presence of superior forms of insulation. Anyone who has become annoyed with an overly loud boiler will appreciate the acoustic benefits of a newer unit.

Superior Levels of Reliability

Buying a boiler should also take into account the fact that the newest models are known for their superior sense of reliability. Assuming that the proper maintenance tasks are performed, these units can last for decades at a time with few functional concerns. It is also possible to register for contractual service agreements, so even those on a limited budget can take full advantage of such amenities whole obtaining expert advice in the event of an emergency.


Whilst repairing an old existing boiler may be costly, new boilers will usually come with a 10-year warranty protecting you from any unreliability and ensuring you are not left in the cold with a broken boiler for years to come.

Financing Options

One of the reasons why some homeowners are hesitant about an upgrade involves hefty up-front costs. However, this is normally not the case. Reliable providers such as P. Blackhall have structured payment plans in place; ensuring that you can properly manage your finances without placing a strain upon your bank account.

Why Work with the Technicians at P. Blackhall?

Experience counts within the plumbing and heating industry. Although stemming from humble roots as far back as 1913, P. Blackhall is currently one of the largest commercial plumbing firms in Scotland. Five generations of family members have devoted their time to provide superior customer service options and this reputation continues to grow. Each of our boilers is provided with a ten-year guarantee so that customers can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that they are in good hands at all times. We should also mention that numerous pricing plans are available alongside additional services such as electrical and plumbing projects.

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