Wondering how to install an outdoor plug?

Expert advice on installing outdoor electrical sockets in your garden

As trusted electricians operating in Edinburgh, we are often asked to install electrics for garden sheds or offices.

Before they contact us, many of our customers will have searched: ‘how to install an outdoor plug in the garden’ or – for the more DIY-confident homeowner, perhaps – ‘how to wire a garden office’.

Whatever your garden project or need, in this article we provide tips on how to install an outdoor plug:

Benefits of installing electrics in garden spaces

When safely and correctly installed, outside sockets and electrical supplies are a really useful addition to your home and garden spaces:

1. Outdoor electrical sockets mean that you no longer have to run extension leads from inside your home in order to power outdoor Christmas lights, mowers and power tools and so on. This is convenient and also far safer than relying on an extension cable. 2. Electrics for garden sheds – adding a light to your shed makes life a lot easier and is especially helpful if you use your shed for projects or hobbies. 3. Garden office electrics allow you to benefit from light and heat, making your garden office usable all year round. 4. Garden room electrics enable you to enjoy an extra entertainment space, whatever the season. 5. Electrics in gardens are ideal if you like to entertain friends and family outdoors. You might enjoy film nights or listening to music in your garden during the warmer weather, if you can have a projector or speakers outside.

Safely installing outdoor sockets or an electrical supply to your garden outbuildings is a practical addition to your home.

Can you install outdoor electrical sockets yourself?

Look online and you’ll find an array of guides and video tutorials on how to install an outdoor plug. While it is possible to install an outdoor socket or exterior powerpoint yourself, it is only legal if you are considered ‘competent’.

In order to undertake electrical work, it is a legal requirement that you are a competent person. For further details on competence, please visit the Electrical section of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) website.

If you attempt an electrical installation at home, you are legally required to get the finished job tested by a qualified electrician and obtain a minor works certificate. If you fail to do this, your house insurance could be invalidated and you may face problems when it comes to selling your property.

Our 3 tips for DIY socket installations

Location is key – we recommend installing outdoor electrical sockets at the front and back of your home. This means that you can easily use car washing equipment, vacuum cleaner, power washer and hedge trimmer at the front of your property. Fairy lights, mowers, strimmers and other electrical equipment can also be used at the rear of your house.

Choose a safe socket – with various types of exterior socket to choose from, with regard to safety, the best type incorporates a residual current device (RCD), which will trip and cut off the electrical supply in the event that a fault occurs, e.g. you accidentally cut through a cable while mowing.

IP rating – your chosen socket should also have an appropriate IP rating for outdoor use. IP stands for ingress protection – the amount that ingress of moisture and dust have been minimised – IP66 or 68 is considered safe for outdoors.

Safety first – we all know that electrical jobs can be dangerous. Unless you have a very good understanding of electrical safety then we would recommend that you contact a qualified electrician for assistance

4 reasons why you should choose P. Blackhall to install your outdoor electrical sockets

1. Our qualified electricians will install weatherproof covered sockets so that, even when you have an appliance plugged in, the plug is safely covered. 2. We can add in a breaker which further reduces the risk of electrical hazards. 3. We will design the ideal outdoor circuit for your property, depending on number and proposed use. We will give maximum efficiency while ensuring the fuse is not overloaded. 4. You can rest assured your outdoor sockets are safe and legal.

For quality electrical services in Edinburgh

Here at P. Blackhall we have more than 100 years experience of providing electrical services in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. As well as offering wiring for outside plug sockets, our team of qualified electricians can help with repairs, maintenance, installation and wiring.

If you would like to find out more about installing outdoor electrical sockets, please speak to our friendly team for advice. We are always happy to answer your questions and can advise you on the best solution for your property and lifestyle.

From upgrades and rewiring to electrical emergencies, you can rely on us to do the job efficiently and competently for the price we have quoted. Call today on 0131 378 6168 or send us a message here. We’ll be happy to help you with your enquiries.

Why Choose P Blackhall?

If you’re a resident in the Edinburgh area and are looking for assistance with your heating, electrical or plumbing needs, our professionals are exactly what you’re looking for. When you choose P Blackhall, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are choosing a quality service. Our small, family-run firm, are experienced and will offer you a personalised service every time, making sure our professional installation or repair services are always up to standard and tailored to you. Avoid the at-home DIY disasters and choose a reputable company that you can rely on today. We are fully insured, and registered with the relevant trade directories. Whatever you’re looking for, our domestic and commercial services are trustworthy and won’t let you down. To learn more about all of our services, give our expert team a call now on 0131 378 6168 . We look forward to helping you with your project.

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