PBlackhall was founded in 1913 by Peter Blackhall and is now in the hands of its 5th generation of the Blackhall family. Since it began as a busy, one man business all those years ago, Blackhall Plumbing and Heating has grown into one of the largest and most respected domestic plumbing firms in Scotland.

With almost 100 years of boiler service, gas boiler service and combie boiler service for Edinburgh’s residents and a wide range of services and diverse and often prestigious client portfolio; including The George & Balmoral Hotels, Pollock Halls of Residence, many Old & New Town domestic properties and a vast range of City of Edinburgh Council properties, means that Blackhall Plumbing and Heating Ltd are vastly experienced.

Featured: The late Ian Blackhall and his son Douglas Blackhall at the PBlackhall Ltd. Pitt Street Offices August 1987.


Today Blackhall Plumbing and Heating is a familiar sight in the world of boiler servicing as it provides a wide range of plumbing, heating and maintenance services, as well as upgrading works for a diverse range of domestic customers. Their latest diversification has seen Blackhall Plumbing and Heating add ‘solar panel systems’ to their repertoire, as they seek to provide customers with the option to save money by creating their own energy and hot water through solar panels. Recently Blackhall Plumbing and Heating have been working on a major project to implement solar thermal technology into city centre tenements.


Blackhall Plumbing and Heating is looking forward to a bright future in which they plan to be continuously improving and adding yet more services and skills that aid customers with all the changing needs of modern households. As with their new solar range of services, Blackhall Plumbing and Heating are committed to always being at the cutting edge of plumbing methods, techniques and solutions to ensure their customers always get the very best service and products available.


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