Ev Charger Installations In Edinburgh

At P Blackhall we are proud to be leading providers of electric vehicle charging station installations, with services available in and around Edinburgh.  The use of electric cars, once a niche fad, is gaining serious traction. Electric vehicles are rapidly replacing their carbon emitting competitors as the preferred vehicle choice for consumers. The race to go green means that the UK is rapidly rolling out electric vehicle charging point installations to keep up with the rising demand. As well as providing  a wide variety of renewable energy installations across and around Edinburgh, P Blackhall can provide EV charging point installations for those who wish to install a car charger at home or on their business site. 

Electric vehicle charging points help consumers reduce their energy costs whilst reducing their dependence on highly polluting, carbon emitting fossil fuels. For information on renewable energy installation options for your home, or for more information on EV charger installation costs, don’t hesitate to contact P Blackhall today! 

We are OZEV approved installers under the WCS Workplace and EVHS Home Charge grant Scheme, grants are available up to £350.00 per charge socket. To learn more about these grants please visit here.

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Ev Charging Point Maintenance And Repairs In Edinburgh

As a relatively new technology, EV charging point installations require specialised repair and maintenance. As with any necessary and frequently used installation, wear and tear may appear over time and small repair and adjustments may be necessary. Fortunately, P Blackhall offer a complete and responsive electric vehicle charging point maintenance and EV charging point repair service. Should you find that your EV charging point installation is in need of maintenance or repairs, get in touch with P Blackhall and we'll arrange a home visit from an expert member of our team. 

f you need an expert for your EVcharging point installation, maintenance or repair, look no further. Contact P Blackhall today on 0131 378 6168.


SAVE MONEY!, go solar!

  • Proven Technology.
  • Suitable for any roof type - flat or sloping.
  • Big savings on your energy bills.
  • Major benefits for the environment.
  • MCS Accredited Company - Qualify for RHI Grants and FIT's tariffs.
  • Only 5% VAT when fitted by an accredited installer.
  • Up to 5 year guarantee on panels (providing installation has been carried out by an accredited installer).
  • Very low maintenance.
  • The perfect compliment to your gas oil central heating boiler - and / or existing mains electricity.
  • Planning permission for solar panels has been eased significantly.
  • Solar Thermal System Diagram.
  • MCS Accredited Approved Installer No MCS1109.
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Ev Charging Point Installation Experts In Edinburgh

P Blackhall offers a wide range of renewable energy and environmentally friendly products and services. As well as offering EV charging point installations and maintenance, we are renewable energy and solar panel experts providing installations and services in and around Edinburgh. If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint and making your home more energy efficient, please call us on 0131 378 6168 for more information.



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